here's the latest and greatest from bedheadville:


1.8.4 >>

<< holy shite. so many things have changed. first off, a moment of silence to mourn the exodus of our beloved brethren – mr. ed williams and mr. owen willingham. ed had to move to chicago when his wife was transferred there. his smiley face and stupid-funky beats will be sorely missed. owen moved back to his roots to lead a more conventional family life. the departure of his talents leaves a hole we're not even trying to fill.

that said, we are spankingly happy with what we've got goin'. after many months of searching, we've discovered a smashing new drummer, the venerable mr. wes billman. his jazz-ish yet punk-ish approach contributes to the slight re-shaping of our new sound – a little more raw, a little more fresh, a little more bigger, a little more bad-er. we couldn't be more excited. you'll have to come out to a show to expreience bedhead blonde as a rippin' four-piece for yourself

5.18.3 >>

<< greetings friends, enemies and those somewhere in between. as you may have noticed, our web site is different. yes, it's gotten a face lift. it was old and saggy before, now, with a couple nips and tucks, voila! it's beautiful! so young! so vibrant! and we're not done yet. it'll get a complete makeover in the next couple months. so that's the obvious news. the not so obvious things include:

new songs. we've gone into the studio and rocked out some groovin' new tunes. you can download them for free in music. or come out to a show and ask for one. we're pretty dang happy with them. but it's only the beginning. we're fininshing up work on material for our second album, to begin recording in earnest by july. keep your ears peeled for that one. of course, i'll be pestering you with emails when it's finished. if you haven't signed up for our email list, you can do so by sending me an email that says "sign me up" in the subject line. c'mon, it's fun! all the kids are doing it.

new stickers. they're yours for free! just email your address and i'll drop a few in the mail for ya. but you have to promise to stick them everywhere you can find a blank piece of space. [this policy of sending out free stickers is available only for a limited time, so better take advantage now!] or you can get some for free at the next show.

speaking of shows. we just finished the pb block party and it was killer. positively smashing. there should be some photos posted in the next week or so, just in case you missed it.

that's all from here. hope your day is going swimmingly. thanks for joining us, take a spin around the site and be sure to come back real soon now, ya hear?

2.1.3 >>

<< yeah. not so much going on. no real new news.

NOT! okay. first things first. on second thought, let's go with last things first. we've got plenty o' shows coming up. we're back to blind melons for the first time in over a year. after playing our first and second shows ever at cannibal bar in january, we're back at least once in march, maybe twice. and we're already booked for the surfrider benefit and block party in early may.

as for new material, well, we've got it coming out the wazzoo! but it sounds much better than you'd expect for coming out the wazzoo. we'll be debuting at least one new song at the blind melons show. maybe two. and we'll be heading into the studio shortly to begin tracking our next album. after many many hours of brainstorming, debate, and consumption, we decided on the tentative title, "2" (catchy, huh? erik came up with it.)

lastly, or is it firstly? did you know that, other than the word "not" in the subheading above, there is only one other capital letter in this whole website? do you know where it is? do you give a rat's ass?

okay. that's all for this time. take care. and may the parking gods always shine down favorably upon you.

10.1.2 >>

<< oh so much to share.

first things first, you may have noticed an smiley new face behind the drums. that's ed. and he is butter, baby, butter – the smoothest grooves around. if you haven't heard him yet, get on out and see a show. also on the personnel front, mr. owen willingham is back full time with bedhead blonde. it's official. he is the man with the plan for the keys on a stand. with our line-up set and happy, we're gonna be hittin' as many venues as we can – assuming they pay us ridiculously well and give us bottomless mugs of free beer. j/k.seriously though, we just came off two killer shows at the belly up, one of the finest venues in so cal. we'll be lighting it up there in early november too. so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one.

we're finishing up the preliminary work on our second album. nearly all the material is written, we should be heading into the studio soon with a release date probably sometime early spring. at the risk of sounding something other than humble, this album is gonna kick some serious assssssss. can't wait to share it with you.

that's all for now. it won't be so long between updates from now on. i promise.

4.1.2 >>

<< bad news bhb fans: the end is near. irreconcilable difference is leading to the parting of ways for dave and john. which means that the band bedhead blonde, as the world knows it will cease to exist. but the bedhead spirit lives on. and all members of the band will continue to create music, just not together. john's next project is a psuedo-funk/pop/electroni-rock project called flunkt. dave has been offered the lead tenor slot in the world-famous torrance community choir, with whom he will tour the bible belt. erik is finally starting that bob marley cover band he always wanted to. doogie is putting music on hold while he focuses all of his energy on his hair -- he was offered an obscene amount of money to allow his wooly mane to be cut and made into a wig. he just needs to grow it out another 2 1/4 inches before they get the chainsaw and hack it off. the official date of the band's breakup is today, 4.1.2002. in other words, april first, or april fools day! ha!

in all seriousness, we have had a changing of personnel. chad brianza is no longer bangin' the skins for bhb -- we go through more drummers that spinal tap! alas, we've found a new rhythmic friend, gus thrasher. you'll find him playing bongos primarily with the acoustic set for now, but who knows where he'll end up. in the meantime, we've enlisted the help of a familiar, vertically challenged chilean with mad skills to keep the beat for us. gino salerno played the winston's show as well as the last blind melons engagement. look for him tearing it up at the next few shows, if you can see him over the drums.

that's all for now.

1.1.2 >>

<< happy new year! we're looking forward to gettin' it on in 2k2. mo betta shows. mo betta tunes. awwww yeah.

mark feb. 13 on your calendar. the bhb tour bus will be venturing over to ocean beach for a very special st. valentine's eve show at winstons. it'll be our first show at this killer venue. don't miss it.

and if you haven't seen bhb stripped down and acoustic, there's really only one valid excuse: you're a rabid buffy the vampire slayer fan. if so, set yo vcr and get yo ass to big bertha's to check it out. dave, john and owen tearin' it up every tuesday in january and february. yes, owen is still around and ticklin' the ivories (or plastics) on his keyboard. owen soured on the idea of rhode island when he discovered it doesn't really foster the fastlane lifestyle that he's accustomed to.

we'll even be debuting some new songs at bertha's in the coming weeks. so, c'mon out.

11.1.1 >>

<< after drawing zero label interest thus far, we looked at the entire bedhead blonde package and realized our problem: we're not tall enough. so, we found replacements for both gino and owen simply because they were bringing us down, literally. in all seriousness, well, in as much seriousness as allowed here, creative differences led to a parting of ways with mr. salerno. and owen, aka big o, is moving his family to the east coast -- rhode island, to be specific. but you'll still see him popping up at a show or two before he ships out.

so we decided to bring a little bit of the east coast to bhb in one of their replacements, mr. chad brianza. hailing from new york, he brings street savvy along with a thick accent and some stellar beats, giving the rhythm section a whole new swagger. you gotta problem wit dat?

and over on keys, we now have mr. dave "doogie" faulkner. though he didn't add to our average height, he did increase our average hair length by about a foot.

more details about these two sketchy kids will be added to the bio section shortly.

<< regarding upcoming shows, keep checking back. we'll be playing more and more as long as people let us.

6.1.1 >>

<< while on a debauchery tour down in puerto vallarta, john did a live phone interview with the star 100.7 jeff & jer showgram. he discussed one of the many theories behind the origins of the bhb name with the morning crew and specifically laura cain. <click to listen to an mp3 of the segment or read the "official" press release.