here are some of our favorite links -- other bands, cool web destinations, preferred porn sites, etc. give 'em a click.

theonion – damn-funny reading. – the official site of the coolest man on the face of the earth. – learn to do a bunch of stuff.
frontline – the unofficial favorite news source of bhb. note: we're all doomed. – the official site of a killer band made up of owen's homies called warsaw poland bros.
srh – we support supporting radical habits. – mother risser's online store.
fm 94.9 – click here and request some of our tunes.
91x – click here and request some of our tunes.
cameltoe report – sites like these are the very reason al gore invented the internet. and tipper is still cursing him for it.
the internet movie database – a great place to settle stupid drunken arguments.
the beat page – where the 50s meet the 00s.
tool – it's all about tool.
the earthquake data center – go here to find out if everybody else's world is rattling, too.
nag hammadi library – hours upon hours of titillating reading.
drummer videos – get down wit yo bad self.
b&s – belle & sebastian online. go for a swim in it. – a cool site for some big-balled individuals.
cyber-mind-reader – trippy shite. we're stumped. – where the waves are.

FYI, here is a running total the cost of the War in Iraq:
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