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12 December 2004 welcome back kids. it's time again for the requisite semi-annual bhb update. oh so many things a-happenin'! sure, it doesn't seem like much going on. but that's just an illusion. we just finished recording and mixing three fresh tracks. they're called > 1 | don't you wanna  2 |  your drug  3 |  edge of goodbye. check 'em out. understand that these are just rough un-mastered tracks. but we wanted to give ya a little taster of the brew we've been concocting. and we're just finishing up three more previously unrecorded songs as well.

the plan is to put out an ep. following that, we're gonna tour heavily. none of the dates are confirmed yet, but the first leg might be in pb, then maybe a couple of dates up in encinitas, possibly take a swing through middletown, head over to kensington and north park. oh so many places to go! as always, this is where you'll get the info. our hibernation from public life is nearly over. hang on kiddies. don't leave us! and we'll be seeing you soon.

01 July 2004 well, well, well. it's been a mighty long time since you've heard anything from this so-called "band," hasn't it. that's because it's now official – we are on hiatus. yep. hiatus. pretty fancy-schmancy word, eh? just like all your favorite tv shows, we are on a break. the tour bus is in the garage. the groupies are spending time with family, etc.

truth be told – as it always... sometimes... well, occasionally is here at – we're working on new music. ya see, once our lineup changed so much, we realized our sound had changed significantly. and so we wanted to make new music rather than go on beltin' out the old stuff. so that's what we're doing. we're getting drunk. we're ingesting crazy amounts of mood altering substances, like cherry flavored Jell-O. and we're writing new songs. rest assured, you'll hear them here first. so, ya'll come back real soon, now, ya hear?! old news >>

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hey, kids. here are the latest tunes from bhb-land :: don't you wanna  :: your drug ::  edge of goodbye.
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all kinds of bhbware. we got stickers, t-shirts, plus cap sleeve tees and hot tanks for the ladies. aw yeah.
check em out
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while on a debauchery tour down in puerto vallarta, john did a live phone interview with the star 100.7 jeff & jer showgram. he discussed one of the many theories behind the origins of the bhb name with the morning crew and specifically laura cain. <click to listen to an mp3 of the segment or read the "official" press release.

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